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Multilingualism Accelerator – an Erasmus+ project for fostering multilingualism

The Multilingualism Accelerator is a curriculum which enables children to learn foreign languages faster and to become more confident in their language-learning abilities. It was based on the propaedeutic idea i.e. that learning a model language, in this case basic Esperanto, if it is limited to the 300 most frequently-used morphemes, can boost children’s language learning skills.

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The project lingvo.info aims to provide information about languages and promote multilingualism on the internet. It’s all about languages - to reveal their beauty, expressive power and uniqueness. It’s an interactive website available in 22 languages, and most importantly – it’s a non-boring introduction to the world of languages online.

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Stories of Remembrance

“Stories of remembrance” is a project, which has been funded with the support of the European Commission’s Programme Europe for Citizens. Its aim was to to remember the war in Yugoslavia 25 years later and to discuss and study it in a European context. During the project activities participants have remembered more than two million refugees from the wars in former Yugoslavia, who had to leave their homes and countries and build a new life among strangers. The project also aimed at raising awareness about the fates of refugees today - in Europe and around the world.

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Projekto "Kiel aspektus Eŭropo, se EU ne ekzistus?"

Eŭropa Komisiono – Ekzekutivagentejo por kulturo, edukado kaj audvideblaĵoj (EACEA) por la programo »Eŭropo por civitanoj« aprobis al Eŭropa Esperanto-Unio financadon de la projekto »Kiel aspektus Eŭropo, se ne ekzistus EU?«. Ĉefaranĝo de la projekto estos konferenco kiu okazos de la 9-a ĝis la 11-a de majo 2012 en Triesto (Italio) kun loka partnero Triesta Esperanto-Asocio kaj partneroj en Slovenio, Kroatio kaj Slovakio.

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