dátum akcie: 16.07.2012 - 20.07.2012
EEU has the pleasure of inviting you to its 9th conference, which will take place in Gaillimh/Galway, Ireland, on 16-20 July 2012. The principal theme will be "Learning languages in Europe: learn more, cost less", concentrating on the propaedeutical aspects of Esperanto, i.e. its use as a catalyst to improve language learning in general, including the learning of Irish, French, German, and even Asiatic languages such as Chinese. The conference takes place at the Ardilaun Hotel in the picturesque capital of the West of Ireland, population 70,000, on the Atlantic coast.

The worldwide Esperanto-speaking community has developed its own rich cultural life: the Esperanto wikipedia has over 150,000 articles, making it the 27th largest of the 281 wikipedia languages; Dr Geoffrey Sutton's "Encyclopaedia of the Original Literature of Esperanto" has over 800 pages; Chinese and Polish radio broadcast daily in Esperanto, as do the Vatican and Cuba several times per week. Of particular interest In Ireland may be the use of Esperanto to improve language-learning in general: 5 UK primary schools are taking part in the "Springboard to Languages" programme, supervised by the University of Manchester. Its twin aims are to raise language awareness, and to prepare learners for the subsequent study of other languages.

Seán Ó Riain, president of EEU

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